Paying For Better Air Quality?

We live in the desert area of north Los Angeles County. Summer is very hot so our air conditioner runs pretty much 24/7 during those months.

This made our Southern California Edison bill very high, often $500 or more. As to the smog in Los Angeles, not sure when you were here, but it is not too bad now. I have been here all my life. Today air quality is fine compared to the 1960s and 1970s when much of Los Angeles County was always covered with a visible gray smog. Sometime in the 1980s California put in place a new act which set emission standards much stricter than the federal standards.

The California EPA enforces what is known as the California Standards. We are allowed to do this based on a waiver granted by the federal government. A few other states now use the California Standards. Our air quality is much better. The need for air quality alerts, notifying people with breathing disorders and children to stay indoors, are very unusual now.

The energy bills are some of the highest in the world. They are systematically shutting down their nuclear power plants and yet they are still using nuclear power from France. CO2 level have remained steady.

Because green energy is so unreliable the more reliable and fossil-fuel running generators must remain operative at all times even when green energy is in full affect. Energy is so expensive there that many households still burn wood for heat during the winter months. It’s not cheaper and in the long run it’s not green, It’s just something that sounds good until reality kicks in