You know this is First Class right?

First Class… don’t you just love to say that? First Class!

One of the advantages and disadvantages when purchasing a Eurail pass is anyone over the age of 26 must purchase their pass in the first class category. Which of course means a high purchase price and also a higher price for seat and sleeper car reservations. Now for some reason Scott knew about this and I did not… not even when we purchased it! So it came much to my surprised when Scott casually mentioned on our overnight train to Russia how he was excited to ride in first class once we activated our passes.

First Class! Being myself I doubted what he said saying things like no way! You have to pay extra for that! But low and behold… once in a blue moon, Scott is right. Yes Scott, read over that a few times, maybe you should bookmark so you can read it on a daily basis… 😉

First Class. It was true! Aside from the special we took part of back in UK with Virgin Rail, I have never ridden in first class. In fact when I wrote that blog post I don’t think I even had a clue I would be riding in first class for the majority of our European travels!

So what has first class train travel been like? First class train travel is soft on our bums, filled of huge smiles from the attendants, roomy leg space, quiet, and barely ever have to sit right next to strangers. The bathrooms on the other hand I think are no different then any class. Even to the point that some don’t have any toilet paper and smell like an alley you don’t want to walk down, flushing onto the train tracks below.

First class is also filled with business executives, rich pompous snobs, and retired people. Then there is us… dusty backpacks, sweaty, very simple clothes with a high probability of stains, probably not showered, complete with that loveable “backpacker” tinge of a smell to us. The stares we get are priceless. The best is when someone comments to us as we are trying to find our seats “You know this is first class right?” Yup we know!

Then enter traveling first class as a group of 4. We are all excited and talking non-stop to each other and we are even traveling with multiple bottles of wine, cheese, beer, snacks, and games. You can just tell everyone else in that train car wishes they were us. Smart enough to bring their own bottle of wine, and traveling with some fun loving friends with not a care in the world.

They say you will never forget your first time, and I know I won’t forget the first time we rode a train with Karen and Steve from Amsterdam to Brussels. We got on the train first and snagged the private 6 compartments that’s actually meant for travelers looking for ultra quiet. With the way we looked we were pretty certain no one else would want to sit with us! So we whipped out our little travel speaker, played some tunes, and mixed ourselves a swill of a drink out of the random items we had leftover: Bokma, Red Bull, and some mixed fruit drink. Low and behold in it’s glory:


I think we’re going to get used to this first class traveling!

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