World Domination Plans


One could come to the conclusion that our trips goals, preparations and ideas (aka “Dream a Little Dream”) is infact an enterprise. 

Dictionary entry for: ENTERPRISE
1. A project or undertaking that is especially difficult, complicated, or risky
2. Readiness to engage in daring or difficult action

Planning a trip that requires you to put your normal everyday life on hold is not an easy task and for most is something one would like to do but would never be bother to actually take the risk and go for it. 

Almost all powerful and successful enterprises have a main place of planning their risky projects. The HQ, control room, command center, hidden underground bunker or whatever you would want to call it. In these powerful locations I envision strong focused individuals with the confidence that they will take over the world, sitting in large sinister looking black chairs around a mighty table doing the the Mr Burns “excellent” motion with their hands. Surrounding them is high tech holographic images of their world domination plans complete with strategic maneuvers to succeed cycling through on a slide show complete with a head honcho using a laser pointer to really get the message across.

That sounds really evil…. but why not make our own version of a command center to help us succeed in our own world domination plans? To see and experience as much of this world as we can.

So, we’ve begun the process of converting our un-used computer room into our Command Center. Organize all the loose paperwork in there, tidy things up, clear off the shelves and pack up everything we won’t need until we are back from our trip. So far it’s going good. We are almost to completion!

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