Wishing our cats could carry backpacks and join us

IMG_1196, originally uploaded by dreamalittledream.ca.

Here is our cat Charlie laying on top of our travel documents and to do pile. Notice the very content I’m not listening face as Scott asks “What do you think your doing?”

It might of been slightly our faults as we placed these documents in the only place of the house with patented cats can’t resist sun beam.

We’ve been packing lots of boxes and our backpacks at the same time. We think our cats are starting to notice something is up. They have seen cardboard boxes many a time with our past moves… and they have also seen us pack our belongings in bags and then disappear on them for days to weeks to a month at a time. Poor guys… it breaks my heart to think that they will probably feel abandoned when we leave them and my uncles. Too bad their isn’t a way to explain to them… We are sure going to miss them!

Has anyone left or are going to leave their pets behind for their long travels? It’s hard isn’t it?

I hope they still remember who we are when we get back!

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