Why you should attend the Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2011

Last year Scott and I had a great opportunity to attend our first folk music festival. We’ve been to many music festivals over the years however they’ve all been related to the electronic bass music culture. We didn’t know any of the artists on the Vancouver Folk Music Festival line up. The only thing we did know was it was a very popular festival that is named one of the 10 best outdoor concerts in North America.

So, how are two electronica bass heads supposed to have a good time listening to folk music? To our surprise it was quite easy. With 7 stages it’s impossible to not find something to make your ears happy and even possibly make your bum wiggle. We were even surprise to find an act or two that used electronica memes during their performance!

Music festival or beach day? Why not both?

As much as this festival is all about the music to the die-hard attendees that line up night after night while the grounds are closed for cleaning to get in first thing in the morning and stake that perfect spot at the main stage with their blanket. This festival is also just about being a diverse community of individuals looking for a good time. Vancouver Folk Music Festival has to have the biggest range of festival attendees I’ve ever seen. It really doesn’t matter who you are or what your into, attend this festival and you’ll find yourself smiling all day long.

Million dollar views for the artists.

On top of this the Vancouver Folk Music Festival makes your experience even better with all the little extra details.

  • Amazing vendors with handmade items and wares from all other the globe
  • Very child friendly with even a whole section dedicated to the little folks
  • Secure bike lock up for just $1
  • Location, location! Jericho Beach Park with amazing views of the city, ocean and mountains.
  • Pristine grounds. Green grass to sit on, large pond, lots of trees for shade, and no garbage on the ground.
  • Beer gardens to enjoy a cold one in the sun
  • Workshops to better yourself
  • Great place to people watch
  • Delicious food options or they allow to bring your own
  • All food court plates are a hard plastic and have a mandatory $2 deposit. Return your plate to get washed and re-used to get your $2 back
  • Recycling centres with staff working them to help you organize your waste appropriately. Nothing that can be recycled ends up in the trash.
  • Free Water!! Just bring a refillable container. (no bottled water is actually sold on the grounds to limit waste.)

The Vancouver Folk Music Festival is on July 15-17 located on Jericho Beach Park, Vancouver. If your in the city and like to have a good time you should defiantly attend. Purchase your tickets online or at the gate. Full weekend pass or single day available. OR, if your on a budget and don’t want to miss out another option is to just head to Jericho Beach and listen to the music from the other side of the fence. The beach is guaranteed to be filled with a great array of people chilling and relaxing. You can even get into the vendors area to buy yourself something unique without a ticket. Check it out.

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