What to do with your stuff when your homeless

Moving isn’t easy in the first place and it’s even more stressful when you are moving your stuff yet have no home… you enter the large conundrum of what to do with your stuff.

Our options were as follows:

  1. Rent our condo out as a furnished suite
  2. Rent a storage space
  3. Sell all of our stuff
  4. Try to fit as much stuff as we can in our condo’s storage locker and then find a loving family member to store the rest for us

In the end we went with option 1 and 4. We found some fantastic renters for our condo that stated they didn’t have much in terms of furniture. So, we left behind some useful items for them that would be a bit of a nuisance to store someplace else. Items like our kitchen table and chairs, breakfast bar stools, some ikea bookshelves, entertainment stand, patio furniture, etc.

We then filled our storage locker with as many boxes as we possibly could. If it was a Tetris game we would of scored some killer ass points.

And all the rest of our items and boxes were moved into a truck and brought to my parents house.

I must send out a HUGE THANKS to my parents for taking on our stuff for the year. They already had a pretty full house but somehow manage to fit our stuff into it too.

Being able to store our stuff in my parents homes has saved us thousands of dollars in storage rental fees, and/or the hassle to coming back home in a year and needing to go buy our things all over again when money will be super tight.

So… THANK YOU MOM & DAD!!! You have been a huge, huge help. We might still be in Canada if it wasn’t for you.

I would also like to send out a big thank you to our friend Alex who helped us on our moving day, along with a huge pile of other things in regards to our final trip preparations. Again, if we didn’t have you we would still be in Canada! THANK YOU.

Also, a grateful thanks to Scott’s mom for handling some misc paperwork etc for us while we are gone.

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