What do we need?

Black Friday is this friday in the US. It’s always the day after the US thanksgiving and is stated to be the biggest shopping day of the year with amazing deals, even bigger then Boxing Day.

We need to start buying our gear for the trip and thought we should try and make use of these great deals by seeing what we can get online.  Our plan of attack is to only focus on electronics since we can’t try anything on. Thus our minds have been wondering what electronics we really need and what name brands/models we want to use.

Here is just some of the things going through my head.

1) Camera. We want something that gives us full manual control with high quality pictures but also compact. Also takes good video.

2) External Hard-Drive and/or flash drives. Do we actually need this when we have unlimited storage on our website and flickr?

3) MP3 Voice Recorder. What is good? Or if we manage to get an iphone will that suffice?
4) Headphones. There are some headphones on the market that make us want to drool but they are extremely expensive. Will something half the price suffice?
5) Portable Speakers. We really love our music and want it to sound good but want something really compact.
6) Am I forgetting anything??
We should probably also look and see if we can get any handy travel items on discount. There is such a plethora of items out there to be small and compact and aid your travels but it’s hard to weed out what is actually a good product and needed.
If you have any recommendations on items we should have on our trip please let us know by leaving a comment!
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