Welcome to the dream…

Traveling has always excited me, and I’ve always dreamed of far away places and different people. I’ve always been an observer and take interest in how humans interact with each other. It amazes me the ways we communicate, whether it’s with words, sounds, music, symbols, gestures, motions, etc. There’s a million different ways to send information to someone so they understand. Because there is so many different ways the results can result from subtle to outlandish. I firmly believe the person that is trying to convey the information is fully responsible to make the message clear and understandable to the other parties involved.

Which brings us to this blog, which is just another way I can communicate with a large amount of people, to myself and also to my wife, Dee. For as much as this blog is for Dee and I, I hope it also brings inspiration for others to take their dreams by the horns and run with it. If you break anything down into the smallest portions, anything is achievable. Much like a painter working on a blank canvas, with each “stroke” or small step you take, it makes you that much closer to your finished product.

For us, that canvas is traveling the world. Interacting with different people and cultures and absorbing the beauty of other countries. The excitement of not knowing whats next and the challenge to communicate with other people and ourselves. To see how other people in this world are working on making this place a better world for everyone.

So I hope you enjoy reading our dispatches, that they excite you, motivate you or just plain move you. But most of all, that you as-well dream a little dream…



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