Welcome to our first Furry Friday!

We have decided to start a weekly segment on our blog called Furry Fridays. We have met lots of different furry creatures on our travels, and decided they can be just as interesting as your run of the mill travel photos. So, each Friday you can expect to lay your eyes on one of our new furry friends, complete with a little biographical story about them.

For our first installment we have decided to feature our own cats. We have not met them during our trip but they are always on our minds… (Well at least mine! I don’t know about Scott…)


Name: Charlie Vanderlee (from the TV show Party of Five)
From: Russia
Most Prized Possession: EEKS the mouse catnip toy by Kitty Hoots (except he keeps magically loosing them… maybe under the fridge?) He likes to lick EEKS for hours and get high.
Favorite Hobby: Licking plastic bags that drives us crazy. The sound is so annoying! sluurriick. sluuriick. ugh
Favorite Place: On someone’s lap, in front of the fire, or on my pillow while I’m sleeping
Three Random Facts:
1. We suspect he punched his brother in the eye to be sure we picked him at the adoption center. It came down to a lazy eyed kitten or one who jumped up our leg.
2. After getting some major dental work he turned into the biggest suck in all the lands. Look at that photo above!
3. He can’t meow very well and when he tries its almost like a broken squeaky horn. It’s actually quite pathetic and we make fun of him when he does it. It may be why he doesn’t meow much!


Name: Kerrigan Vanderlee (named after Kerrigan the Queen of Blades from the game Starcraft)
From: Not from this world (see picture below for proof)
Most Prized Possession: A stretchy string we specifically went to Home Depot to get for her. You’d think it was the purest smack in all the land the way she takes care of it.
Favorite Hobby: Chittering at the reflections on the ceiling or the birds outside the window
Favorite Place: On top of a blanket (as seen in photo)
Three Random Facts:
1. She drools when your pet her while she is sitting on your lap
2. We think she is on a diet as she refuses to eat any cat treats, and sometimes she purges her food. Very conscious about her weight.
3. She is very talkative and loves to let you know how her day went, and likes to put Scott in his place when we are arguing. (she is always on my side)

And this is our cats at night. Beware they have laser eyes that scan your thoughts and turn you into their slaves! Seriously we think they’re out to get us sometimes.


Check back next friday for our second Furry Friday installment!

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