Two Words: Do It.

We went to my work’s end of the year party last weekend. It was located at the top of Grouse Mountain and oddly enough both of us had never been up there before even when it’s named as one of Vancouver’s top attractions. 

skyride_winterWe were quite surprised at how easy it was to get to from downtown Vancouver. Just a 15 drive and then hop on their “Skyride”. Which is a very large and impressive gondola that takes you to the top. There is no public access road to drive up there… which really is a blessing as mountain roads do not always have the best driving conditions. 

Grouse Mountain is supposed to have one of the best views of the lower mainland but it was snowing when we were up there so there was no visibility. Scott and I will defiantly go back in the future sometime when it’s a clear night to see this view. 

The party was really good and the food was excellent. Actually one of the best work functions I have ever attended in my life! My co-worker did an excellent job planning it and Grouse Mountain treated us all really well. 

We spent most of the evening talking with my co-workers husband. They both grew up in South Africaand move to Canada about 13 years ago. He shared a ton of their travel stories from Europe and information about Africa as well. We told him about our tentative travel plans and he then said to us: 

I have only two words for you… Do it. 

He then repeated those 2 words to us randomly through-out the rest of the night. So much that I can still envision his mouth forming those 2 words and even hear the phrase repeat in my thoughts like a broken record!

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