Trafalgar Square, your location for the arts in London


While walking about one night, we ran into an interesting art installation just outside the National Gallery called One and Other, created by sculptor Antony Gormley. It’s located at the top of the empty 4th Plinth in Trafalgar Square, originally designed to hold an equestrian statute which never got placed and has sat empty for years. But now it’s the location for temporary works of art commissioned by leading national and international artists.

Antony Gormely’s premise for One and Other was to have 2,400 people from across the world get their 60 minutes of fame, front and center. With an open concept of “do whatever you want to do.” 35,000 people apply for their chance to take part and were picked by a random lottery. Running 24 hours a day for 100 days, One and Other is an ambitious and quite unique art project.

It was a chance for anyone to show off their secret talents, voice an opinion, start a protest, dance, be naked, teach, advertise, or even just sit up there and talk on their phone while they video tape the people below. With 2,400 individual performances you can just imagine the variety of personalities that were brave enough to share themselves with the people of London.

Check out this SKYARTS page to watch videos from the best of the best.


Although the One and Other project has now been completed, Trafalgar Square has been used and still is a location for a more modern approach to art and making impressions to strangers. From a T-Mobile “Hey Jude” flashmob, to protests and rallies, and even to temporary art installations on the the 4th Plinth. It seems like a happening place in London to see something interesting. (the fountains and lion statues in the square are also nice to look) Even if you are searching for uninteresting things during your travels, your eyes will be please to boredom when you find out what some pale guy and his wife looked like back in the day inside the National Gallery. (with free admission… Yay?!??)

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