Top 10 Reasons why TBEX 2011 Sucked

1. EAT! Vancouver did not give passes to every single TBEX attendee interested. Instead of giving some free tickets to be handed out by a TBEX rep as a first come first serve basis, EAT! Vancouver should of just allowed anyone that showed up to Will Call with a TBEX pass to be allowed in. Teasing is mean.

2. Early wake ups. 9am start? Really? On a weekend? Bah!

3. Those ear piercing sounds at the beginning of every movie played on the screens.

4. Our bums started to hurt from sitting and learning such great things all day long.

5. The sun was shining. Thus, making it hard to sit inside most of the day in a conference room with no windows.

6. Didn’t get into any of the special after party events or special tours due to limited space as we were too late to sign up for anything. See number #2. We are late for a lot of things that can end up resulting in a travel day from hell and finding out what happens when you over stay your Thai tourist visa.

7. With so much constant #TBEX Twitter activity going on non stop all day it was hard to pay attention sometimes in class. Especially when there were so many contests going on! (Which we even won one! Thanks @WheresAndrew for the great #TWITTERHUNT. We won the complete National Geographic – every issue since 1888 on DVD. Wowzers!)

8. It was only two days.

9. Way too many awesome people there being awesome in so many ways. Seriously. Stop it! 😉

10. Do you have any idea how hard it is to write a Top 10 list for why TBEX sucked? Geez!!


So yeah, TBEX 11 did NOT suck. It was quite the opposite of that!! Much awesome sauce was had by all. But, we just had to make the post to practice some ideas we learned this past weekend. Hope you found the humor!

Cudos to the Community Panel: Tell it like it is with Spud Hilton (San Francisco Chronicle), Jim Byers (Toronto Star), Rich Beattie (Travel + Leisure), Don George (Gadling) and, Mike Yessis (World Hum) for the tip on post titles.

Thanks for the great time at TBEX everyone! Hope you all enjoyed our lovely city and leave us with a happy.

If you’re in the travel industry, blogging or PR, and haven’t been to TBEX you should consider hitting it up next year! Registration has already begun. Check out TBEX 12 in Keystone, Colorado!

Were you at TBEX 11? Have anything you’d like to add to list? 😉

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