Things to do in Amsterdam: Heineken Experience


If you manage to escape out of the clutches of The Red Light District in Amsterdam, be sure you head straight on over to the Heineken Experience. That is of course if you are of legal drinking age, and like beer!

It will cost you €15, which includes 1 taste test drink, 2 drink tickets, and one keepsake cheesy plastic wristband.

The building was the first Heineken brewery built back in 1867 but is now just the museum. No more beer is made here. So if your looking to see actual Heineken beer being brewed you will be disappointed. When we first heard about this we almost decided to not check it out but after visiting the museum we are very happy we did. It was a great time!

You have your normal history timeline walkthrough about Heineken itself, head into the mock brewery and learn about the process and ingredients, even sample some “wort”. Then stroll past the beer delivery horses in their original stables, become a bottle  in a motion simulator theatre complete with other sensory effects, hit the extremely funky tasting bar and learn to drink like a pro! Then enter into some futuristic rooms with various trendy methods of multi-media paired with music and more. Complete it all by sending some free email postcards to friends back home… and star in your own music video! Also for an extra charge you can make your own personalized Heineken bottle label.

The Star Shaped Tasting Bar

After all that beer talk your mouth is just salivating for another beer. Finally you hit the World Bar and experience some Extra Cold Heineken. Hand over your drink tickets and enjoy! Since the tour takes about 90 mins we found out most visitors don’t have time to drink 2 full drinks. So if you hang out long enough and smile nice you just might get offered another one or two drink tickets.

Interactive Table in the World Bar

While your enjoying your extra cold beer be sure to check out their wicked tables with motion activated info screens (Microsoft Surface perhaps?), then once your all done and feeling a good buzz you better get yourself back to the Red Light District for an evening of…. well it’s up to you!



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