Things are on the up and up… and soon enough on our way out!!!

In the blink of an eye our trip planing frustrations have begun to diminish and we can see the end of this roller coaster ride! Lots of things to report.

First and foremost:

We are now showing our condo to potential renters! Yup, that’s right finally we have gotten somewhere with our condo board and being allowed to rent our place out. Well maybe I should rephrase that… due to them doing NOTHING within 3 weeks from our hardship request the Vancouver City Strata act trumps our buildings own strata act and we are legally allowed to rent. Just another example that procrastination gets you no where. No matter who you are. Hopefully we can find a great renter with ease.

Know anyone in Vancouver looking for a swank pad? Check out our rental listing on craigslist!

Second and probably even more exciting:

We have ourselves a departure date!! We get on our first airplane of many for the next year on June 19th. Destination: Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Yah, I know.. not quite over the pond yet… but a friend is getting married and since we are leaving around that time anyways… why not attend? Got ourselves a sale on Westjet and voila! Bonus: we get to see a ton of our friends and Scott’s Dad/Laurie right before we take off. 19 more days to go!!!

#3 in the news list:

This is my last week of work!! Only 5 more days and then I’m off to experience the longest long weekend of my life… (until I retire). Tonight is my last Sunday (for at least a year) thinking about having to wake up and go to work in the morning. I wonder if the week is going to fly by or feel like it’s going in reverse.

And last but not least:

Our trip preparations are moving along quite well. I’m feeling way less stressed about everything. It’s now becoming more tricky planning our final social events with friends and family… the days are filling up quick!

Check out our giant to do list. Feels pretty good to see a bunch of things crossed off!

Here is our new updated list of things we need to do for the next 19 days: (bolded items are most important for this week)

  • Continue to save money
  • Sell remaining items on Craigslist/Ebay
  • Fix Post Author Problem
  • Create email signatures
  • Fix baseboards in closet
  • Detail Scott’s car
  • Sell Scott’s car
  • Get new glasses for Scott
  • Get oil change for K-Rad & Scott’s car
  • Clean K-Rad
  • Rent out Condo and Loft
  • Photocopy all required ID
  • Fill prescriptions
  • Post Calgary Loft Rental
  • Finalize packing list
  • Buy any remaining needed travel gear
  • Get travel insurance
  • Book plane ticket to Europe
  • Plan out out trip itinerary better
  • Research destinations and make info pages to go with
  • Get any Visa’s we need right now -Russian applications sent
  • Unlock iphone
  • Exchange Scott’s ipod
  • Continue to download music and shows
  • Transfer files from Dee’s computer to Scotts
  • Continue to pack
  • Buy some food and litter stock for the cats
  • Cancel newspaper, cellphone, internet, hydro, bank accounts, Scott’s car insurance
  • Re-Direct Mail
  • Eat and drink remaining items in the cupboards/fridge
  • Give any thing we don’t sell to Scott’s mom
  • Move our stuff to Dee’s parents
  • Retouch up any needed paint
  • Clean Condo
  • Change K-Rad insurance to storage
  • Take cats to Carole
  • Pack our bags
  • get on a plane!
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