The Trip

Wow! We can’t believe we did it!! For years we dreamed about it, then we finally spent 2 years planning for it, and then we suddenly found ourselves on a plane. We managed to travel the world for 10 months; 4 months in Europe, 1 week in Egypt, and 6 months in Asia. It was a spectacular journey filled with friends, family, parties, learning, exploring, good times, bad times, moving fast, moving slow, sweating, freezing, trying new things, eating, drinking, and most important of all experiencing this all with each other.

Here is our summary of the trip. (mostly in order) Clicking on hot links will bring you to the blog post and don’t forget to check out our flickr albums as well!



Our first destination! Spent some time in the pub lined streets of Dublin and took a road trip on Irelands roads of insanity to check out the Cliffs of Moher and the very impressive Newgrange site. Never heard of it? You should check it out!

FLICKR ALBUMS: Dublin | Cliffs of Moher | Newgrange



We came through this country twice during our European travels. The first time we were shocked by the peace wall in Northern Ireland’s Belfast and took a fun musical history lesson in Liverpool. The second time we came through was with our friends Steve and Karen and we spent way too much money in London, dealt with essential clean ups at Thrope Park, got loaded in the park with Roni Size, and were severely disappointed with one of the worlds best sounds systems. We also missed our hot springs back home while in Bath, freezed our butts off at Stonehenge and then gocked at the amazing artistic talent of Banksy in Bristol.

FLICKR ALBUMS: Belfast | Liverpool | London | Get Loaded in the Park | Thrope Park | Bath / Stonehenge | Bristol

Riding our bikes


We spent our time in the beautiful city of Copenhagen and did three things any traveler shouldn’t miss while they are visiting this city. Christiania town, Tivoli Gardens, and renting a bicycle.


Best Swing Ever


Scott’s old high school friend, Allan moved with his family to Stockholm a few years back which gave us a great excuse to go and visit him and see how the dutch epically failed at building a boat.


Bang Bang


Our first eastern European country cherry was popped by an very impressive Riga. Complete with naughty squirrels and AK-47’s! We even got in some beach action!


Made it to the Red Square!


After gruelling procedures to get into this country we were quite surprised by what we found. St. Petersburg will for ever be in our hearts and Scott learned anything is possible in Moscow while exploring the Red Square

FLICKR ALBUMS: St Petersburg | Moscow

Coliseum, Rome, Italy


We celebrated our wedding anniversary wandering the romantic canals of Venice. We also came back to Italy and met up with a bunch of our friends to party at Sun & Bass and then we all tripped over way too much history in Rome.

FLICKR ALBUMS: Venice | Sun & Bass | Rome

Budapest, Hungary


We had a hard time in Budapest for some reason, but we did manage to explore a 1940’s underground hospital and nuclear bunker.


Vienna, Austria


Saw the sights of Vienna and one sight in particular inspired Scott to go on a ranting rampage. We also dodged a typical Vienna cafe scam, saw some creepy things at the amusement park and of course ate some amazing schnitzel!


Auschwitz II (Birkenau)


Since we were in the area we felt we really should go and see Aushwitz. It was not at all what we expected.


Prague, Czech Replubic


With only one day to spend in Prague we spent our time wisely and climbed a mountain.


Wassenaar, Netherlands


First visit was typical with our friends Steve and Karen in Amsterdam, soft drug policies and Heineken experiences. Sounds right doesn’t it? Second visit we traced Scott’s family roots in Den Haag and fell in love with Utrecht.

FLICKR ALUBMS: Amsterdam | Den Haag | Utrecht



We learned how well the french party at Couvre Feu, cycled our own Tour de France through France’s countryside to Juno Beach, loved walking the streets of Paris and seeing all the amazing sights, even had time to squeeze in the Louvre! We also drank and ate our own weight in wine and cheese and walked amongst the dead!

FLICKR ALBUMS: Paris | Bayeux | Couvre Feu

Barcelona, Spain


We turned into architecture snobs in Barcelona and spent a day visiting all of Gaudi’s amazing buildings, including Park Guell! Quite a surreal place! We also hopped onto a train to check out Salvador Dali’s gallery.


Oktoberfest 2009


We went through this great country a few times. Lots of time was spent at Dee’s relatives place in Baden Baden. We made ourselves so at home in this perfect little town we even had a Canadian Thanksgiving! Oktoberfest with Karen and Steve was a dream come true and we really wish we had more time in Berlin after exploring it’s underground scene for a day.

FLICKR ALBUMS: Baden Baden | Berlin | Europa Park | Oktoberfest

Cairo, Egypt


Our flight to Thailand had a layover in Cairo, so we figured why not stay for a week? We got to be amazed by the pyramids, dodged scams left and right, camped overnight in the White Desert.


title Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpor


We misinformed ourselves how Thai Visa’s work and had to fly out of the country to Kuala Lumpor so we could apply for a proper Thai tourist visa. During this week we experienced a really bad hotel and did some typical sight-seeing.


Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand


What a country! We loved Thailand so much we ended up staying here for 4 months! Dee’s parents came out to travel with us for a month, we also made some great new friends Adam and Anna from London, and our friends Alex and Heather flew all the way out to bring in the New Year with us.

In Kanchanaburi we experienced the best waterfalls in Thailand and hugged giraffes at Safari Park. Koh Samui we explored the island and found a great place to stay at the top of a mountain. Koh Phayam was the paradise we were looking for even though we had a scooter crash that ended in a epic tale of heroism from Scott. Christmas was spent playing games with the A-Team on Koh Tao where Dee also got herself a bamboo tattoo. We then spent one of the best weeks of our lives in Haad Salad with Alex and Heather.

We also enjoyed the amazing beauty of Khao Sok National Park with my parents and even got to go cave trekking and stayed in a treehouse surrounded by monkeys. Koh Phi Phi was breath-taking with some of the best snorkelling around. In Bangkok we really loved to go to the movies, participated in a traditional Thai festival and wowed ourselves at the Grand Palace with my parents.

We then headed north to explore some ancient ruins in Sukothai and spent way too much time doing nothing in the town of Chiang Pai where we bought moonshine on Scott’s birthday and took a side trip on some scooters to Soppong.

Two months later we headed back to Thailand to spend our last week relaxing on Koh Phangnan and experienced a travel day from hell for our return trip home.

FLICKR ALBUMS: Bangkok | Grand Palace | Kanchanburi | Safari Park | Koh Samui | Koh Samui w/rents | Phuket | Koh Phayam | Koh Phangan & Koh Tao | Koh Phangan Last Leg | Khao Sok National Park | Koh Lanta | Koh Phi Phi | Sukhothai | Chiang Mai | Chiang Pai | Soppong

*please note from here on we still have yet to upload all of our pics and write about all of our adventures!*

Vang Viang, Laos


Due to injury we really only saw the inside of our hotel in Vientiane. We then headed to Vang Vieng to re-meet up with Adam and Anna and celebrate my birthday by tubing down the river.



Our first stop was the crazy city of Hanoi from which we went to Halong Bay to spend a night on a junk. We then headed to check out the ancient city in Hue and got ourselves new wardrobes hand tailored made in Hoi An. We spent 8 hours on a crappy train which finally brought us to the sand dunes in Mui Ne. We then switch our mode of travel to Sleeping Buses and got to Ho Chi Minh City to see the hip Independence Palace and walk through the Cu Chi Tunnels

FLICKR ALBUMS: Hanoi | Halong Bay | Hue | Hoi An | Mui Ne | Ho Chi Minh City


From recommendation we experienced a proper fry-up at the Green Vespa in Phnon Phenm and then Scott trained for the apopcolayse by shooting big guns at the Happy Gun Club. We then sadden ourselves by learning about the history of the Killing Fields and S21 Prison. We then made the must visit to Siem Reap to explore Angkor Wat in the blazing heat.

FLICKR ALBUMS: Phnom Phenm | Siem Reap (Angkor Wat)

So that is it! Due to going over our budget we had to cut out a ton of places we wanted to go to. Place like: Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, more of Egypt, India, Africa, Indonesia, and Australia. But, this just means we now have future places to travel to as we for sure have given ourselves a heavy case of the travel bug!

Thinking about going on a trip like ours, DO IT!!! You will not regret it!

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