There is always an excuse


It’s so easy to decide you want to be more healthy and get into shape. It’s probably one of the most easiest decisions on the planet. Who doesn’t want to feel and look good? But the actions to actually go through with that decision is the complete opposite! Good intentions are always there but there is always an excuse to not go through with them.

We originally had plans to sign ourselves up for the gym. Scott was going to use the weights and cardio and I was going to go take part in the group fitness classes. Then the time for us to actually go and sign up came around and we were strictly looking at our budget and how we are spending our money. All of a sudden the gym was not sounding like a good idea anymore. Saving money and leaving for a trip is the be all of importance in our lives right now and thus we don’t want to throw our money at things we don’t need. Each time we spend money outside of the budget we put our departure date back or we make the duration of our trip shorter. 

Two gym memberships would be an additional $75 a month out of our pockets. That means 1 month of going to gym is at least a weeks worth of stay in a thailand beach hut! Thus, we decided to try and do free fitness activities. Like going for a regular  jog or doing yoga at home. Something is better then nothing right? 

But, things are more easily said then done.We have yet to actually go through with this new decision. There is always some sort of excuse. Of course if we were to buy the memberships we would feel more obligated to go. Otherwise it would be a waste of money.

Sigh… Such a vicious cycle!

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