The Valve Sound System Show Down: Epic Fail!


This used to look impressive

I remember 8 years ago picking up a copy of Knowledge magazine (a UK based drum’n’bass monthly production) and seeing the picture above with an article attached. I was in awe of the 75,000 watts of sound that came out of this stack, and every word of that article made you yearn to hear the bass rumble.

After hearing Hospitality’s sound setup at Matter Nightclub, which had better sound than clubs in Vancouver, I was stoked to hear the grand-daddy of all sound systems at a special Valve System showdown at the Indigo nightclub inside the O2 Arena. Walking in with anticipation of gut wrenching bass that you can feel in your spine, I should have known something was up as the sticky floor pulled at my shoes and the sound was a bit off.

Its difficult to explain in words what good sound should sound like, especially for music labeled Drum and Bass. Let me first tell you what it should NOT sound like. It shouldn’t make you feel like your ears are about to bleed because it’s so loud. It shouldn’t sound like it’s coming out of the muffler of a Harley Davidson. It shouldn’t sound distorted so you can’t recognize bass versus treble, or vocals. And if you’re the sound guy, you defiantly shouldn’t walk away from the sound booth during your headliners set, it’s your job to control the volumes. Loud is not quality.

No, you should be able to feel the bass through a crowd of 4,000. You should be able to understand any vocals that are being played. You should be able to talk to the person next to you because Bass and Treble are two different frequencies. This is what we’re used to back home with sound done by PK at many Calgary events and at Shambhala. This is the high standard we’re used to and expected the Valve Sound System, so hyped up over the world, to compete against.

We were sorely disappointed. It sounded like a blown out nightclub who maxes out their sound to get that little bit of extra juice. Like an old boxer who’s trying to come back into the ring, the Valve System just get’s its ass handed to it by current champion PK. If you want to feel good sound, look up a PK Event and or make plans to attend the Shambhala Music Festival located in Nelson B.C, you’ll not be disappointed!


PK Sound Setup at The Village Stage, Shambhala Music Festival – For the Win!

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