The super powers of RFN

I can’t believe it’s only 2 weekends left until Christmas. This year has whiz right by.
Scott and I had high hopes to get a ton of our trip preparations done this year. But this proved to be difficult. It’s really hard to put aside your current everyday lifestyle to prepare for a different lifestyle. No matter what we did things just kept coming up…
Then one day we were graced with the super powers of RFN (right fucking now) and starting crossing things off our list. But shortly after a very feared super villain hit our country. The Real Estate Market Crash.
We were banking on the profit dollars earned in selling our condo to help pay for the trip. But since that isn’t going to happen anymore it means we have to push our dream departure date back and work a bit longer then expected.
It has taken us awhile to accept these grim facts. But it’s time to put those feelings aside, invoke the power of RFN once again and take on that daunting list that is taped to our pantry door.
First item of attack… renew our passports!
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