The Roads of Insanity


Have you already read Part 2 of our Ireland trip – I want to believe? If not click here!

Sure our Japanese sport automobile that we rented was a small and tiny little beast of a machine but it still felt way too big for the country roads of Ireland.

Not only did we have the whole driving on the left side of the road, with the drivers seat on the right side of the car… PLUS shifting with our left hand against us…. we were not made aware about how small the roads get when you drive through the countryside. Our “peaceful” tour of the country turned into one white knuckle, hair raising, OH SHIT, sort of adventure.

Would we do it again? Heck yah. Do we recommened it to others? Only if you can handle it!! If you get really nervous being in the passenger seat while driving the streets of Canada, then I highly suggest you don’t go for a country drive in Ireland.

You see, the roads are about as wide as a SINGLE lane in Canada. For the people that think the Patello Bridge is narrow in Vancouver… you haven’t experienced anything yet!

Oh, did I mention that the average speed limit on these roads are 120 km/hr and super curvy.

Check out these videos we took to get a real feel of the experience:

I was mainly the passenger in our country adventure. Looking out the passenger window was not a pleasent experneince. Grass, bushes, stonewall fences, park cars, etc whizzing by and looking like just a mere inches away from the car. Eventually you just have to figure out a way to relax and don’t look out that window! The few times Scott had to sit in the passenger seat he was always on edge and felt like we were going to hit something. He was constantly yelling at me saying we were going to hit something. But did I? Nope… Oh wait… who hit something? That would be Scott!

Yup! He pulled more over to the side to let a bus by. It looked all grassy and bushy but I stated I think there is a stone wall under all the brush… and then… SCRAPE… we hear it. He damaged the hubcap. It had a large gouge in it. Great… maybe we should of pay that extra money for the collision insurance. Living on a prayer and hoping they wouldn’t notice we returned it in Dublin not saying a word about the accident.

Low and behold… we did end up having some luck on our side as they did not notice the mark apon inspection and we were set free with no extra 1100 euro charges!

This is part 3 of our Ireland series. Click the see following:

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