The best market in Thailand to get your shopping on

Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2010, Thailand

One thing we got tired of pretty quick in Thailand was the markets. They were continually filled with the same crapshoot of stuff over and over again. Knock offs of anything you can imagine, tasers and other hurtful items custom officers will not like to find, second hand clothing, cheap jewellery, and piles of plastic trinkets all made in China. We barely ever saw anything original, even the hand painted paintings all look the same!

When our friend Ty told us to check out Chiang Mai’s Sunday Walking Street Night Market we were feeling a bit sceptical. However, his recommendations so far have been 100% bang on so we left the comforts of our air-condidtioned room with some extra spending baht in our pockets.

I’m happy to report he was once again correct. Chiang Mai’s Sunday Night Market is packed full of great buys! No where did we spot a single knock off watch, stiletto blade, or a fake mont bloc pen. Instead, many of the vendors are artists selling their own personal hand made wares. We saw so many unique items and had a hard time deciding what to buy with our very limited amount of extra spending cash. Which is quite unusual for us! We tend to not to buy ourselves souvenirs except for a small item from each country to hang on our Christmas Tree. But, this time we found ourselves leaving the market with full shopping bags and discussing how we were going to mail all this stuff back.

So, if your planning to hit up Chiang Mai during your travels through Thailand, save all your shopping needs until you get there and mail it all home. You will not be disappointed! Better options, much cheaper prices, and you shop at night when it’s not so hot out!

Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2010, Thailand

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