The Alexander Hostel, Cairo


One of the things that can take up a lot of our free time is finding accommodation. We prefer to have something booked before we hit a city so we can go and drop off our bags and relax after a day of travel. If the place sucks we spend the next day searching our new destination without our bags for something better. For our advance booking we rely a lot on one website,, for our needs. They have accurate user reviews from fellow backpackers and we’ve yet to have a bad experience when we’ve stayed at something with over an 80% approval rating. This is how we found the Alexander Hostel in Cairo.

Situated right downtown and only minutes from the Egyptian Museum, it’s a great budget accommodation that we can recommend. Haitham and his crew took great care of us, offering lots of fantastic advice. They can also arrange any tours your interested in only with people and companies they trust. The rooms are pretty basic but clean, with AC and ensuite washrooms, which are a must in this heat!

Cairo, Egypt

With any hostel it’s more than just the bed your sleeping on. It’s how the place is ran and the staff that are there. This is why we can recommend this place if you’re going to Cairo on a budget, and certainly to book through them for any tours. We could have booked our tours at many places but felt that if we booked through our accommodation, there would be some sort of recourse if something went wrong. Our pyramid tour was fantastic as we were taken to the destinations we wanted, the same guy that picked us up at the airport was our driver. Haitham’s friend, Wes, was our private guide who was a wealth of amazing knowledge. Wes majored in Egyptology and tourism, complete with some of the best English we heard in Cairo. It was very easy to listen to him, learn lots, and ask many questions. Never once did we have to wait for other people, feel rushed, unable to hear, or not given a chance to ask questions. We feel if it wasn’t for our private guide that day, our pyramid exploration ‘would of ended more in sourness due to not being able to avoid pretty much all touts and scams.

Haitham also arranged for our White Desert tour and again insisted we would have a better time doing it private, which he was correct as we heard some horror stories from other people who did it with a group. We did encounter some problems with the tour operator in the White Desert, and one of the ladies who was with us booked over the internet for the cheapest price and was pretty much left high and dry. Soon as we got back to Alexander Hostel, Haitham was there waiting for us to hear what we thought about the trip. We told him we had a great time once we were in the desert with Iman, but then also told him about some of the problems we encountered with the tour operator trying to charge us for things that were supposed to be included. Without any hesitation, Haitham was on the phone yelling Arabic at the tour operator. After a couple minutes he hung up and refunded us a decent portion of the tour price, which more than covered the inconvenience we experienced.

Cairo, Egypt

So, if your heading to Cairo and want to be treated like Kings and Queens book yourself into the Alexander Hostel and say hello to Haitham for us! He’ll warmly welcome you with some tea and give you the most honest advice you’ll get in Cairo. Don’t be threatened by this at all, he’s not trying to scam you we promise!! =)

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