Survey Says: It’s how you use it

It’s such a hard choice, choosing sexy versus performance. I recently won a sales contest for November and December and the prize was a shiny new Macbook Air and iPhone. I’ve been drooling over the Macbook Air since it first came out because it’s such a well packaged machine; super thin, light and portable. It doesn’t get much smaller than the Air. So when I heard that I just won one, I was blown away! It was like a dream come true!

After the initial shock and awe wore off, my dutch started kicking in though. Sure it was sexy, sure it was tiny, but would it last the duration? After scouring the internet and talking to my trusted advisor (read:Alex), I came to the realization that it may be more sparkle than substance. The Macbook Air only has 1 USB port, has problems charging on a table, it’s processor speed is a bit slow, and it feels delicate. It’s definatly priced on it’s sex appeal, not it’s performance or toughness. What’s the point of having a Porsche if your stuck driving in school zones?

It might have been my dutch kicking in, but I tossed the glam for substance. I traded in the Air and iPhone and  was able to get a new Aluminum Macbook 13″ that’s just a hell of a better machine. 50% faster, twice as large of a hard drive to store all our photos, movies and images, extra battery option, double the ram. It’s only 1.5lbs heavier  and 0.95″ thick all the way around. It will last much longer and be able to do more, and I’m all about getting the best of both worlds. Plus the new aluminum’s are machined out of one piece of metal, so it should be extremely durable. It’s a better machine in every way, and it’s shiny. 

So does size matter?

features-thescreen20081014If we were talking about a 7lb laptop that was a slower speed, sure it would. If you just wanted to just throw the Air into a bag and carry it around to look sexy, sure that would work.

But me, I think it’s more important to have a machine that will stand the test of time. Something that has raw processing power, huge ram and a durable case. Something that will go the distance and still come out swinging. And I’m happy with my new laptop!






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