Springtime in Vancouver

Spring is blossoming

Spring is finally in full bloom out here in Vancouver and it’s weird to think it will be the last time for a year that Scott and I will experience Spring. Vancouver is one of the most amazing cities I have been in Spring. The streets are lined in shades of pink, purple and white from a variety of flowering trees. (Mainly cherry blossoms) The paths are all lined with flowers you would find in a $20 “spring mix” boquet from your local grocery. It’s really tempting to pick them all and bring them home but we hold back…. that is until night time when Scott goes on ninja missions. Shhh!

The past weekend was remarkable. A well needed dose of vitamin D. It’s been a colder then usual spring. So when the sun finally came out to play we couldn’t help but get out there and enjoy it. Drive with the convertible top down, eat on patios, go for walks, and relax at the beach. We even managed to go for a picnic in the park on monday. Leftover homemade lasagna from Grandma, garlic bread, and a bottle of wine. It was fabulous! 

Picnic in the park


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