Skype on my iPhone .. in Canada!

iPhone + Candaa = No Skype (-1)

Why is there no Skype application for iPhone in Canada?

Staying in touch while we’re on the road is something that we’ve been putting a lot of thought into. Obviously we have our blog here, email and facebook, but sometimes we’re going to want to hear peoples voices and see their faces. We’re going to be traveling with our MacBook and have iChat, but we don’t want to be carrying it with us everywhere we go.

I have an iPhone that I’m in the process of getting unlocked, but paying international rates on the cellular network will get real expensive very fast. Great if we need to make a call, but there had to be something better. Last month Skype announced that they were bringing out an iPhone application, this was exciting news! The ability to use Skye on the iPhone would give us $0.02 per minute international phone rates anywhere we could get WiFi.

It was released everywhere, except Canada. That’s right – the iPhone SKYPE application was cancelled in Canada, for rather questionable reasons that they refused to elaborate. You can’t download the application with a Canadian iTunes account, which is B.S. I had written it off but I just read about Skype again over at Eurocheapo, where Matt from Nomadic Matt was doing a guest post.

Inspired I started to search for iPhone hacks that would let me install it, and there were a ton of complicated workarounds including random credit card numbers. But what if you just created a new account and said your in the United States? What would stop you from doing this and downloading the app? Surely Apple in it’s hipster genius wouldn’t make it that easy, would they?

Apparently Apple hipsters are easy. In iTunes simply log out of your iTunes account, select create new account. There’s a box that says “click here if you are not in Canada”, select US and create an account. Put a US address and postal code found on google… and voila. When the credit card information comes up, simply put “none”, and your good to go.

No third party software, hacking or anything like that. Once you’ve downloaded the app, sync your iPhone and logout. Works with an iPod Touch version 2 if you have a microphone attachment.

Are you currently using Skype? I’d like to hear about your experiences using Skype while traveling and the voice call quality from overseas.

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