Site Completion? Almost.

Hey guys, we finally have received the final files for the website from our coder. Hooray!!!

To ensure you are viewing the most up to date version please refresh/reload this page and run your updates.

If you are experiencing floating roll-overs at the top this means you don’t have the most up to date browser version. Go to your chosen browser’s website and download the upgrade for the newest version.

I know, I know.. the site looks the same as it has for the last while. But if you look closely you will notice some fixes. (like the fixed footer, some new roll overs, and a bottom page navigation)

Now in the upcoming weeks Scott and I need to work on creating content for all those fancy buttons ^ up there that lead to no where and then the site will be complete.

We hope you like it so far!



Know Issues:

  1. ShareThis is not sending URL information to selected service site in Safari. We have contacted ShareThis to see if there is a fix
  2. Bottom Page Navigation has funny little boxes around it. UPDATE – Now fixed!
  3. Twitter Balloon disappears when ShareThis is pressed.

If you spot anything else please let us know! Thanks! =)

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