Shedding Unexpected Pounds


I wish! 

When we were budgeting for this trip, I looked online to see how much items were and figured a decent budget for room, food, beer and entertainment. I looked online and thought I had a grasp on it, but once we hit England the shock of exchange rates really started to get us. Most prices are the same as they are in Canada, but in Pounds rather than Canadian, which is a $2 CDN for every 1 pound. Here’s an example budget for UK with the % after exchange rate conversion of 1.79

1 Beer Pub: £3.50 vs $4.50 (71% more w/exchange)

1 Beer Nightclub:  £5.00 vs $6.00 (66% more w/exchange)

Sandwich in café: £4.95 vs $5.95 (66% more w/exchange)

Fish & Chips: £8.00 vs $9.00 (62% more w/exchange)

Basic Hotel (Traveloge): £69 vs $99 (79% more w/exchange)

And so on. Most prices are similar or 20% less expensive ticket price, but in Pounds versus Canadian dollars so things work out to be roughly 66% more expensive after exchange rate.

If you’re going to the UK, prepare your wallet to turn into an anorexic teen.



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