Scott’s birthdays at home vs. last years birthday on the road

For Scott’s birthday last year we rented a couple scooters to whiz around the sleepy town of Chiang Pai to see the all the sights. But, more importantly, we rented said scooters so we could go on an adventure to buy some moonshine! I’ll  never forget that old man’s face smiling and waving us quickly into his secret place and smelling the pure alcohol in the air before he opened the door, revealing all the garbage bins full of the shine. He then smiled even bigger when he scooped some out to give us a taste just so he could see the reaction on our faces as we drank his prized glory. That was a pretty great birthday!!

But, now we are back home celebrating Scott’s birthday. Nothing compared to last year but still great in its own way. Sleeping in, breakfast in bed with the awesome french toast I made, topped with a plethora of fruit goodness. Relaxing with our cats by our sides and looking forward to this evening when we go out for a great complimentary fancy dinner at La Bucca italian restaurant. (Thanks to our realator Sayo Nickerson!). Alex and Heather will also be joining us too. More celebrating will happen this weekend too of course ,with friends by our sides and the music we love to fill our ears.

So, this year is not quite as thrilling as buying illegal moonshine…. but still pretty awesome!

Happy Birthday Scott!!!!

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