Scott’s a lumberjack and he’s okay!

Shared accommodation in the mountains of BC

We have shared many vacations with our friends Steve and Karen. From enjoying all inclusive treatments in the Dominican, multi-day stag parties away from home, (Scott went to Las Vegas, USA, I went house-boating in Sicamous, B.C.), renting winter cabins, and even camping together in the same tent trailer or even smaller then that, the same tent!

So you could say we are pretty adapt to each other’s ways and handle small areas for multi days without a breeze! Well, we thought so too until we had to share hostel dorm rooms for 4 in Europe.

Scott has a super power, he can fall asleep like he has narcolepsy but actually doesn’t. Which is fantastic for him, but the rest of us are insanely jealous of it. The other problem is Scott has the capability to snore like a lumberjack and this snoring commences within minutes of him falling asleep. This basically leaves the small dorm room for 4 about 5 minutes to fall asleep otherwise you will be bothered by Scott’s snoring. Best part of this all… he snores louder when he is tired and has been drinking/partying lots. Well Europe has been quite the party and Scott has been snoring the loudest I’ve ever heard him.

For some strange reason Karen and Steve never learned this from sleeping in tents together. But they learned it enough in our Europe travels that we have started to book 2 double private rooms rather then a room for 4. Scott feels bad for keeping everyone awake all night, and Karen and Steve want to get more sleep, so we are all okay with paying a bit extra to have our own spaces. Only problem is what about me?? I still have to sleep with the snoring beast, and earplugs don’t drown it out!

Not our photo, but this our small room at the Generator Hostel in London

One of the smallest spaces we have shared with Karen and Steve was a private dorm for 4 with shared bathroom at the Generator hostel in London. It even seemed smaller then a tent trailer! Our small room in the generator had 2 bunk beds and a sink with about 2 meters wide x 1.5 meters long floor space. Needless to say we all took turns getting ready, one person gets ready and grabs their stuff while the rest sit on their bed and wait their turn.

We are thankful we never encountered a room this small: (however I can’t help but laugh at this random youtube video!)

Anyways, I thank the powers that be for melatonin! It’s my saving grace to get a good night’s sleep. Helps me fall asleep faster and helps me stay asleep until rested, with no groggy side effect the next day. I highly suggest all backpackers to travel with melatonin.  It doesn’t knock you out like a regular sleeping pill does. Makes the next day easier or if you take it on a train or something like that you will wake up quite easily if you need to and/or fall back asleep again if you get disturbed.

What do you do when you travel? What happens if you end up in a dorm with a snorer?

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