Scott the Hero


That is all that filled my ears the moment we crashed, over and over again with such stern aggression. I had two options of removing myself from the bike. Roll over Scott and into the jungle brush or hop off the other side while trying to avoid the hot muffler. I wish I chose to roll over Scott but instead went with the other option and didn’t manage to navigate myself away from burning my leg on the muffler. Why didn’t I choose the safer option? By the way Scott was yelling at me to get off of him I thought in my mind something was horribly wrong, a broken leg that is pinned under the bike, or even a branch piercing through it. I didn’t want to make his situation worse by rolling onto him even more.

We crashed near a beach bar and the owner must of heard Scott’s “get off” screams as he came running out of the jungle to make sure we were all right. Scott was perfectly fine and my leg wasn’t hurting that bad yet so we told him we are okay. It must of only been mere seconds after the bar owner walked away that I started to feel the most intense burning sensation on my leg that I’ve ever felt. It literally felt like my leg was on fire. Instinctually, I ran towards the ocean sobbing in tears. Half way there I came to my senses and realized salt water was not a good solution at all for a fresh burn. Feeling quite a lot of shock all I could do was stand there and cry. Scott finally caught up to me wondering if I had gone insane. I told him about my leg and he pulled out a water bottle from our day bag to pour onto it. This didn’t help the pain at all so our next idea was some ice. Good thing we were right beside a beach bar.

The beach bar owner was very accommodating and provided me with a large chunk of ice in a small plastic bag. He even somehow whipped out a huge aloe leaf that was freshly cut. This was the biggest aloe leaf I have ever seen and it was just oozing with 100% pure aloe vera gel. He explained how “Koh Phayam tattoos” are popular and most of the locals just use fresh aloe. He also took a look at the burn and said it will be fine. It had some broken skin, and was a bit pink, but it sure hurt a bloody lot!

After using up all the aloe gel inside the leaf, drinking some stiff drinks and icing the burn for a few minutes at a time I was still a frantic sobbing mess. All I wanted to do was to go home and lay in my bed. But there was no way that was going to happen, so our beach bungalow would have to do. However, that was 3km’s away with no real easy way to get there. Again I was presented with two options. The first, get on the back of the motorbike and ride for 6km’s on a really shitty dusty road with no way to cover the burn. Or the second, walk along the 3km beach back to our bungalow. I was too scared to get on that bike again so soon and the fact I wouldn’t be able to keep the burn clean made me steer towards option two. So, I managed to muster myself enough to get up and make the hobble down the beach while stopping lots to ice the burn when the pain would become too much.

After about 2km’s of walking we found ourselves at a giant obstacle. A river gorge with high tide waves crashing into it. It was now quite dark out and all we had was Scott’s iphone for a light. From what we could tell there was no way across and the water was waist deep at least. This situation turned me into an even more sobbing bafoon with thoughts of how we are never going to get there. Scott comforted me in his arms and then a favourite John Lennon tuned came from the bar across the river gorge, Let it Be. I silenced myself and took some deep breaths while the song played, trying to bring myself back to this planet and deal with the situation. Our only option was to head back to the beach bar and wait for the tide to go down.

Back at the bar, after we ate some food the bar owner came by to check on me again. My condition hadn’t changed. I was still constantly crying, I was still in a ton of pain, and I still just wanted to get to our “home” so I could fully relax, take some pain killers, and tend to the burn with our first aid kit. The bar owner told us, “Tide not going down. About 4 hours wait. I have kayak you can borrow and cross river. But, I have no oars for kayak and you must bring it back tonight.” I thanked him for his kind offer but said it was up to Scott since he’d have to do so much work. It was a 3 person kayak that would have to be dragged 2km’s down a beach and then pushed across the river gorge with me in it.

Enter Scott the hero…

Scott accepted the kind offer and before I knew it we were walking the 2km’s again, but this time Scott is dragging the kayak behind us. Once again we arrived to the river and I spotted some other people now trying to figure out a way across to get to the bar on the other side. Without a hesitation, Scott had the kayak all ready and steady for me to climb on in. I got in and he pushed me across, all the while giant waves are crashing into us but he heroically managed to avoid them so I did not feel the pain of salt water on my open wound-burn.

We got to the other side and I climbed out gingerly. Scott kisses me goodbye and jumped back into the kayak and disappeared into the darkness to return it. In total he had to drag that big 3 person kayak 4 kms and push it in waist high water with the 3 foot waves. While I waited on the other side for my hero to return I surveyed my surroundings and noticed I was standing on the edge of a dance party, complete with half naked go go dancers doing there thing on top of platforms. They were the only ones dancing, every one else was just sitting on the beach all staring at them. It was then I had a moment of clarity and couldn’t help but to laugh at this entire situation. I wondered what those people on the other side trying to cross were thinking as they watched this girl get princessed across the river. I was just missing a tiara.

What seemed like an entirently listening to the shitty music from the dance party, Scott finally appeared out of the darkness of the river. I showed him my first smile since the accident and couldn’t help to hug and kiss him with praise. We made the rest of the walk back together hand in hand and I was finally granted my desire to be “home”. The clarity I felt standing on the edge of that dance party stayed with me and I was able to handle the tending to my burn with no tears. Although I will admit I took some pain killers and valium before hand!

THANK YOU SCOTT for being a hero that night. Even through my freak outs your words of comfort might of felt like they were falling on deaf ears, but they did help me. Of course getting me across that river in the manner it required felt like a life saver to me. You are an amazing soul and I look forward to sharing this story to others so they can also get a glimpse of your heroic self. BUT… next time don’t fuck up and crash the bike!! 😉

To hear how we treated a second degree burn, click here. Or go to a Thai hospital, your odds are about the same!

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