Saying Goodbye in Amsterdam

Oktoberfest 2009
Scott and Steve at Oktoberfest

The beginning of our european adventures with Karen and Steve started in Amsterdam, and faster then we expected the date arrived to say goodbye to them as they set back to Canada.

We were happy we could squeeze every last possible second with them by traveling from Berlin to Amsterdam with them, where their round trip flight was leaving from. We didn’t have plans to spend the night there as we only had a few days remaining on our eurail passes and wanted to explore a bit more of the Netherlands. So we made a plan to take the last train out to Den Haag that day.

Sun & Bass 2009
Karen and I at Sun & Bass

With one last walk through the Red Light District, we ate some amazing ribs for the 3rd time at this one restaurant. We had ate there twice on our first visit to Amsterdam, and had been craving them for the past two months. I don’t recall the name but it’s on a main Red Light district street with no canal on it that leads to Dam Square. Some landmarks on the street are the St. Christophers Hostel, a laundry mat and the one you just can’t miss it…. The Cock Ring. (lol) Once you feel you are on the right street, if you see a green restaurant advertising a RIB SPECIAL, then eat there! They are some of the best ribs (aside from my moms!) I’ve ever eaten.

Giraffik 4 at Juno Beach

Anyways… seeing our friends faces for the first time in that train station and then saying goodbye to them again, 2 months later in that same station was bittersweet. We had some amazing times!!! Endless stories for us to share with our kids to make ourselves sound cool. “What? You did what mom back then?? No way!!”

Karen and Steve, much thanks to you for deciding to come travel with us for 2 months in Europe. It was really a dream come true, and I know that even though we had a pretty solid friendship before, this just made it titanium. Much love to you!

Coliseum, Rome, Italy
Our big group in Rome

I also want to take this time to send a shout out to James and Christy. For coming all the from Canada to Italy to attend Sun & Bass and then spend a few days in Rome with us four. It was really the icing on a already spectacular cake!

Wedding: August 5th, 2006
Our awesome group of friends having a drunk ass time at our wedding

Scott and I feel really lucky to have all the friends and family that we do in our life. We know they all wanted to come out and do some travels with us… but we are all on our own adventures and it’s not always so easy to combine them due to various life things getting in the way. However I do know in our hearts we have inspired all of you to one day get out there and see some the world! Which really is one of our main goals of this trip. To inspire others to try the same!

And low and behold it’s still working! Our friends Alex and Heather are flying out to Thailand to meet us up for New Years. It’s going to be some crazy fun times and the date they arrive is happening so soon!! Other great news is my PARENTS of all people are planning to travel out to Thailand for almost a month! I can’t wait to hug them and see their faces. I’m so proud of them for coming out of the travel box to a place they’d never dream they would go to before. It’s going to be fun.

Wedding: August 5th, 2006
My parents with Scott and I on our wedding

Okay, back to our regular schedule travel stories….

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