Saving the environment = possible death?!?


what form of matter is in the darkness?

I used to drink out of a semi clear Blue BPA bottle that had an excellent lid, stopping me from spilling my water on things such as laptops, contracts and cellphones. But when I heard that #7 plastic was out to kill me, I tossed ‘ol Blue like a molotov cocktail.

I must have pissed off a cosmic being, because my next bottle was out to get me!

My next instrument of life was a bottle sent to me by Rogers in a marketing package. The package contained chap stick, pens and an aluminum water bottle. Red Gold I thought!  I tossed everything else and started using the Red bottle, but there was always something wrong… the lid was a pain to screw on, it always got lost.. when I was skiing New Years in Windermere I dented it and my hip bone… water spilt on my laptop (twice) .. I was cursed by this Red Devil!

One day curiosity got a hold of me and I decided to look inside my water bottle.  I usually rinse my bottle out and throw it in the dish washer every now and again, but it’s only water going into it so how dirty can it get?

When I looked inside it was like looking into the mouth of madness. An unknown universe of bumps, growths and things that probably only grow in the deepest part of the oceans where no sunlight hits.

The picture above is after washing it twice in the dishwasher, trying to clean out with salt and shaking water in it.  And it still has shit growing!

So this little Red Devil is getting recycled as nicely as possible, and hopefully the next reincarnation will be a happy one!

I suggest everyone go grab a flashlight and look inside their water bottle…. but be prepared for what you find!

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