Saving money on the road – booking site review

The biggest expense you have while traveling is your accommodations and you want to make sure that your getting the best bang for your buck. Your daily costs can fluctuate greatly and often the standard rate that your given at a front desk of a hotel isn’t as good as internet rates. We ended up using quite a few booking sites in order to find the best deal. Recently reached out and asked me to review their site.

hoteliphone.jpgMy first impressions are positive. The site design is clean and easy to find relevant information. They have an iPhone app which I think is a fantastic feature. There’s many times that I wished I could search for hostels or hotels quickly on my iPhone and the apps that I was using weren’t that great. It also seems like they’re European focused, which is where I saw the greatest variety of prices. We could often get a private hotel room in a 2 or 3 star for the price of a semi-private dorm room with a bit of searching.
Clean design and great features are important, but at the end of the day it’s the dollars that add up each night. I did a couple of searches for Hotels in Vienna and HotelCalculator came up the same or slightly lower. There were a few hotels that were $10 less expensive per night – which on a $80 CDN room rate isn’t too bad.

They search 20 different online booking sites to get you their best prices. Overall I’m happy with their site and will bookmark them with my other companies I use when searching for the best price. Visit and check them out yourself.


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