Riding the Roller Coaster of Trip Preparations

n634150621_1344806_4032This roller coaster we are on continues to get more extreme the closer and closer we get to a departure. Super steep hills, filled with tons of white knuckle turns and hair raising drops. Our plans move forward but yet the at same time I feel like we are going in circles and getting no where. Hopefully soon someone will turn this ride off and we can continue on our way to the next ride!

Might I suggest checking out our giant to-do list to see how our progress is doing.

I feel like we are moving pretty good… there is really only one 1 thing that is causing us major problems and the sole purpose we have not been able to announce an actual for sure departure date yet… and that is our Vancouver condo. We need to rent it out but our condo board is giving us problems and saying we are not allowed to rent it due to the strata act. (Only 4 rental units at a time and there is currently 5)

We asked for a hardship clause, told them our reasons, and asked for a hearing. Only problem is they are not getting back to us with an answer… be it yes or no or even a date to have a face to face meeting with them! It’s getting really frustrating! We are now seeking out a condominium lawyer for some advice on what to do. Stayed tuned.

The rest of the items we feel we can wrap up fairly easily. One thing we have learned when preparing for long road trips in the past is we get things done well under pressure.

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