Range of emotions while we are down to the wire

Currently feeling quite a range of emotions these last few days. Pretty much you name I probably feel it. Excitement for our adventure ahead, Exhilarated and non-stressed from not working anymore, Sad when I look at my cats and when my friends/family say they are going to miss me, Overwhelmed with making sure everything we need to do before we leave gets done, I even feel a bit nervous and scared. Have never done something like this before… but at the same time feeling very eager to shake things up and experience new things and just live in the moment.

I’m already feeling more alive, more in-tuned with myself, happier, and open minded and we haven’t even left yet!


Our final preparations are going well. Just rented out both our Vancouver condo and our Calgary loft all within the same hour. That is really the last major item on our list aside from moving our belongings out of our home. Feels great to have that weight off the shoulders.. and we have plans to move our stuff in 1 week. I already feel liberated just thinking all my possessions will just be in my backpack after that.

Well, I’m feeling like I should get back to packing our home up…

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