Random Nights with Friends Can Lead to Many Things

About three years ago, on some random night the usual was going on in our routine lives. It was yet another late evening (or early morning) with our friends Steve and Karen and we had just got back from some drum and bass show and were now looking for some chill out time. But on this random night, instead of talking about how good the DJ was, or how we were not looking forward to work on Monday we instead shared our dream with them on how we wanted to take an epic trip across the world.

This topic of conversation then inspired Steve to tell us about different huge drum & bass festivals he has heard about over in Europe, Sun and Bass, Innovation in the Sun, Hospitality Nights, Valve Sound System, etc. And of course also how all our wish list DJ’s are just locals over in Europe.

Many more random nights of the same went by but all through them we continued to talk about how awesome it would be to witness these shows with our own eyes. To the point we agreed the best way to experience them would be together as the 4 of us. And so the seed was planted! Scott and I still had the dream to travel the world and now our friends Karen and Steve had their own little dream to travel Europe with us.

For about a year the seed didn’t look like it would ever grow and become reality until one random end of the summer night. We were already not looking forward to cold winter and how it would be great to escape the cold and hit a beach together. Much to my surprise this “hopeful speaking” actually turned into a reality and that November we meet up with them in Punta Cana! From this moment I knew our hopeful Europe speaking would become a reality. It was all a matter of when.

Punta Cana, 2007

Before we knew it we where actually setting dreams into plans. Picking tentative dates, places to go, things we must do, researching events to attend, and then choosing the location to start it all… and of course of all the places in Europe to choose from. We choose Amsterdam to set us off on the right foot.
Finally on a warm summer day in August of 2009 we got off a train in Amsterdam and like it was out of some teenage summer movie we saw our friends down at the end of the walkway with the same travel tired weary smiles as us.

And so begins the next leg in our adventure…. Surrounded by the comfort of our friends.


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