Preparations and Explosions

Last night Scott and I did some shopping for supplies needed for Shambhala. Things like headlamps, carabiners, new bulb for the lantern and we got an L.E.D upgrade for our mini maglite! Didn’t know they even had those. Neat! 

We had a grocery/drug store shopping list too and got into the Safeway only to leave everything behind as we decided it be better for our pocket books if I did the shopping at SuperStore. (which I will have to do today on my way home)

Last stop was the liquor store. Which wasn’t very successful. We got some Heineken Mini Kegs and a bottle of gin. But they didn’t have GrassHopper in cans. Only bottles. We decided to try to find it in cans rather then settling for Alexander’s Keiths. It’s good but not as good as a Grasshopper!

We then rode our bikes down to the fireworks. It was China’s night to shine. Strapped our new headlamps to the bikes and just rode our bikes down the hill. So much better then walking!! It was fun to whiz past the crowds. Arrived, got some Kettle Corn and sat down just in time for the show to start. It was pretty good. The finale was just spectacular!

Rode our bikes back on some back routes through parking lots etc and beat the sea of people. Riding our bikes for something like that was for sure the way to go!

Tonight we pack up all of our stuff. Yikes! 2 weeks of camping gear which includes a Shambhala….

I can already predict this is going to be yet another late night….

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