Places to stay in Kanchanaburi – Three times the charm!

We were pretty excited to go to Kanchanaburi, a small town 2 hours outside of Bangkok that was recommended to us from our good friend Ty. It’s on the River Kwai and that’s where they filmed the movie “The Bridge on the River Kwai.” We were told the town was supposed to have great waterfalls, relaxing atmosphere and be inexpensive.

We actually tried 3 types of accommodation while we stayed in Kanchanaburi, and here’s our experiences!


The boards sticking up through the seat made it impossible to sit on.

Check out the bed… or is that a gym mat?

We read in our Footprints book that this place had free wifi (a big plus) and was budget but clean for 300 bath. When we called the place they quoted us a price of 150 baht! At 50% off it sounded great and right on the river, so we reserved a room. We learned a valuable lesson the day we checked in about super budget accommodation. It had a leather sofa – completely destroyed with the frame showing. The building was an A frame with the bedroom upstairs and thin matts on the floor with hard sawdust pillows were hidden inside dirty pillow cases. The main windows had screens on them because there’s a lot of bugs being on the river but unfortunately the window that doesn’t close properly upstairs didn’t have a screen. Considering the amount of ants, mosquitos and spiders around we stayed the 1 night, if only to say we “toughed” it out in the worst accommodation we’ve been in.


Sam's Place, Kanchanburi
Sam’s place have great bungalows nicely secluded.

Sam's Place, Kanchanburi
Our view from the balcony. Pretty nice, there’s a small river in front of us. Somewhere.

So we went walking around and met Sam, who said he had bungalows available. We went to his place and it looked nice, we got into a bungalow pretty much right on the river that had a great view on the back balcony. The pillows and real mattress was a treat and the breakfast upstairs was fantastic. Especially the french toast and shakes! The two resident cows and the cutest Pomeranians in Thailand kept us smiling. At the time Sam did not have wifi, but told us he was planning to get it, he did however allow us to plug directly into his internet connection for free. For 600 bath it was more expensive but defiantly nicer than Rainbow. Though the best was next.


Noble Nights, Kanchanburi

Such a welcoming treat in this hot weather!

It’s hot in Thailand. About 38 degrees each day and we were wishing we had a pool. Walking around town we found that Noble Night Guesthouse had a pool. Just what we were missing. We looked at the room and it had a huge king size bed with AC and free wifi, and we were sold. We booked the room and enjoyed the pool for the rest of our time in Kanchanaburi. They have ton of sitting areas around their property to chill during the day, and the bar prices were good. To top it all off the bed and pillows were perfect and even had silk sheets! How fancy!

Noble Nights, Kanchanaburi
This is the small house where we could order food and enjoy the free wifi!
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