Passport Renewal Woes


Our next plan of attack to renew our passports isn’t proving to be very easy. Everything was going smoothly…  
First we practiced our no smile faces. We don’t want to look like criminals in our photos, but instead happy Canadians! So lots of time spent staring in a mirror and making no smile faces that still look like a happy person. It’s not that easy to do! After mastering our techniques we went to Shoppers and got our pictures. They turned out great! 
Second is to print off the correct forms from Passport Canada’s Website. Scott qualified to use a simplified form. Which basically means you don’t need a guarantor. However since I need update my passport to my married name I have to use the full form.
Filling out the forms was easy enough and next was to gather the supporting documents to send with the applications.
We have everything except we can’t find our Marriage Certificate to prove my name change! Nothing can ever be easy can it?
Our next step is to go through every single piece of paper in our file cabinet. It has to be somewhere! But that task takes time and who wants to sift through a thousand pieces of paper after a hard days work at the office?
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