Lazy Saturday Video: Life Cycle of the Plastic Bag


One thing you can find all over the world is plastic bags. They have almost become their own species. A species with a propose that eventually causes havoc on our environmental systems to the point it becomes a pest.

Where the heck did we disappear too?

Sorry to have been on such a hiatus. But really… we are not sorry! We’ve been really enjoying life and every moment of being home. Hope your summer was as awesome as ours.

Getting golden travel tips from other travelers

We think travel tips that you read from other peoples blogs are a great way to get the lowdown on the best places to go. What about you?

Tubing in Vang Vieng! Finally!

Everyone is in good spirits and having the time of their lives. How can you not be gleeful as you float down a river in a tube? Which is really the best part of the whole experience.

Dee’s not so good birthday

Wake up feeling like shit, the weather is too crappy to go tubing, had a soupy train wreck of a poutine breakfast, and all my work on this blog that I have poured my heart and soul into is completely gone with no sign of ever coming back!

Furry Friday 22: Meet Leonard the lazy leopard from Safari Park

Meet Leonard the lazy leopard. Much like us, he likes laying around and playing all day. Hunting humans, eating food and enjoying the good life.

Hungover in Vang Vieng, Laos

For some reason you are able to spend many days here. Its probably the fact that everyone is in a constant flux of hangover-ness and never want to bother moving onwards in their travels as the thought of getting in one of those horrible buses just makes them want to vomit.

Due to injury, we didn’t really see Vientiane, Laos

We could almost spend our whole trip in Thailand, especially in a laid back town like Chiang Pai. But there’s more of Asia to see, so we took a plane to the border town of Udon Thani to cross into Laos and get into Vientanne.

Furry Friday 21: Eviction Notice

Official notice of eviction of Charlie & Kerrigan from the Looking Room
Eviction took place today & cats have been relocated to the Elvis Room

Our side trip to Soppong, Thailand

After realizing 2.5 weeks just passed us by as we did practically nothing in Pai we started to feel we should get out there, somewhere, and see/do something! After some humming and hawing we decided to drive ourselves to Soppong, spend a day, and then drive back.

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