Christmas ornaments from our RTW trip

Scott and I made a tradition to get something to hang in our Christmas tree from each place we travel too. We started this on our honeymoon 4 years ago and since then we’ve filled the tree pretty quick with all the ornaments we gathered from our recent round the world adventure.

Halong Bay: Photo essay

We had a great time on our over night tour of Halong Bay. The weather was grey skies, foggy, and a bit chilly. However, this did create quite an interesting effect to the bay. Almost like something out of a fantasy book. Here is a collection of our best images from the tour.

Furry Friday 26: Backpackers with a furry heart of gold

A pair of kittens will forever be thankful to a pair of backpackers with a furry heart of gold.

Booking Halong Bay: The right way

With so many ways to book your Halong Bay tour, how can you be sure your experience will be a great one? Luckily, our Halong Bay experience was great and we are willing to share with you our secret!

10 random observations of Hanoi

After spending 4 months in smaller towns and beach huts, it was a bit of a shock to get into Hanoi. So many more sights and loud sounds, it was a bit of a shock to the system and took us a couple days to adjust. Here’s 10 random things that we didn’t expect.

Furry Friday 25: Bungalows or Cow Pasture?

At “The Otherside Bungalows” in Vang Viang, Laos we quickly learned that the plot of land all the bungalows were on was also a cow pasture.

Travel Photography Roulette Round 3: Street Art

Berlin, Germany

Scott and I were the Round 2 winners of the great new game, Travel Photography Roulette! Which means we get to host Round 3. Come check it out and enter your best Street Art photo!

Furry Friday 24: Beach Friends

While Scott and I have been cranking up the heat, turning on the fireplace, and putting on all the warm clothes we can find we’ve been thinking about the places we were enjoying this time last year. Places like the beaches you find on the islands in the south of Thailand…

A new look for us: What do you think?

We felt needed a makeover. So, here it is! What do you think?

Change is good.

Furry Friday 23: Pumpkins are a cats best friend


With Halloween around the corner we all have the symbols of fall and nighttime boo’s on our mind… even the big cats living at the Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary are looking forward to the holiday.

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