Your District & Community Guide for TBEX 2011 Vancouver, BC

Here’s a list of some things to do in Vancouver during TBEX ’11. These are communities the locals go to hang out at their favorite pub, eat at one of the hundreds of sushi shops or hang out at the beach. There’s always something going on in this city.

Your Beach & Park Guide for TBEX 2011 Vancouver, BC


The many parks and beaches are one of the main reasons any local will give you for why they love living in Vancouver, BC. Doesn’t matter where in the city you are, it’s always an easy trek to a nearby park or beach by foot, bike, or transit. Here’s our list of the parks and beaches you should check out!

TBEX ’11 Vancouver, BC: Travel tips from the locals


TBEX is a conference for Travel Bloggers, Media and travel businesses to meet face to face rather than over the illumination of monitors. Both Dee and I grew up in the suburbs of Vancouver and currently live right in the heart of the city. As we have a lot of insider knowledge about things to do in Vancouver, it seemed appropriate to write a series to help out all of you who may be coming down for TBEX’11.

Furry Friday 27: Nothin 2 C Here

Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand


Saving money on the road – booking site review

They search 20 different online booking sites to get you their best prices. Overall I’m happy with their site and will bookmark them with my other companies I use when searching for the best price. Visit and check them out yourself.

Banksy nominated for an Academy award

Banksy is nominated for his work on his feature film documentary, “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. This alone makes me want to watch the acadmy awards on Feb 27th.

Scott’s birthdays at home vs. last years birthday on the road

For Scott’s birthday last year we rented a couple scooters to whiz around the sleepy town of Chiang Pai to see the all the sights. But, more importantly, we rented said scooters so we could go on an adventure to buy some moonshine!

Egypt is burning

The people are rising up against their government on the streets. The police have abandoned Cairo and other cities, the interior ministry Central Security Force thugs are looting, beating and killing people. The army is both shooting protesters and sympathizing with them asking them to stay off the streets at night so they can root out looting thugs. Civilians are on the street protecting their property. Protesters and police are stopping random cars. And an 82 year old dictator is watching his empire crumble into chaos.

Photo Essay : Exploring the Imperial City in Hue, Vietnam

When I told Scott it used to be a large fortress with a forbidden city surrounded by huge walls and a giant moat he was sold. I didn’t even get a chance to tell him that most of it is gone. But he didn’t care. Why? Because moats are bad ass!

Happy New Years 2011

ola! Happy New Year

Happy New Years 2011 everyone! A few thoughts in the first few days of the year.

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