Our Canadian Thanksgiving Experience in Germany

(yah yah, it was just Xmas… we know.. but we are still chugging behind on our posts… one day…. one day! We shall catch up!!)


Baden-Baden, Germany
Fall was apon us in Germany and it was getting so cold to us that Dee bought herself a new toque and just couldn’t pass up this Hot Chocolate!

There are somethings we miss about home. Our friends and family of course, but also the little things you start to miss on the road, soft pillows and beds, unpacked bags and most importantly, home cooking and spending the holidays with family. We’ve just come back from Utrecht and are staying with Dee’s relatives Barbara and Artur in Baden-Baden again. They previously had planned to visit family up in Hamburg and were leaving for a week just as we came in, giving us an apartment to relax in by ourselves. And with Thanksgiving upon us, we decided to make a Thanksgiving Dinner for us to enjoy as just the two of us, helping with the homesickness we were starting to experience.


Baden-Baden, Germany
Beautiful Baden-Baden in the Fall

So we were off with our ingredients list to the large supermarket, after finding there are no turkeys in downtown Baden-Baden. When we got there it was some tough going trying to find everything we needed in a giant supermarket with everything labeled in a foreign language. We mostly had to rely on the images on the packages rather then the words. After grabbing all the small ingredients we needed we arrived to the frozen bird section and our hunt quickly turned to a let down. Nothing looked like a turkey and all the frozen birds had images of ducks and geese on them. However Dee spotted a frozen turkey breast package stating,

“Well we can always get this to fill in the craving gap, not as great as a whole turkey but at least its something!”

I think Dee could spot the disappointment in my face on having to go with a Plan B so she said,

“One moment, let me use my eagle eye super power and see if I can spot any of those frozen birds saying the same German word as on this package. I’m assuming this word means Turkey!”

Magically she saved the day and spotted the only turkey amongst all the other German labeled frozen birds… and what a turkey it was!


Baden-Baden, Germany

We cooked up a roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, dumplings, gravy and lots of fresh buns from the bakery. Sitting down to our self made feast we ate our way through the dinner happy with a bit of Canadian cooking. The turkey turned out fantastic as we had cooked it upside down, and of course all the fixings on the side made it fabulous. After resting and watching a movie, we broke out the apple pie with some ice cream on it. It was a great way to spend Thanksgiving miles away from home!


Baden-Baden, Germany
The perfect results!!! SO GOOD!!

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