On the Road to Shambhala

Well, this shall be my last post until we are back from our Shambhala vacation!

Truck is all packed and yet again it’s FULL. lol. Oh well it’s supplies for 2 weeks of camping in the mountains (which means clothes for ALL weather types), plus Shambhalaesque stuff (ninja swords, fun fabrics, hover disc, magna doodle etc etc… you know… the norm!) And we also have our bikes!

Still have some last minute things to grab after work. (but really when is there never last minute stuff??) Have dinner with my Dad, get in a nap/sleep and wake up to be on the road for late late tonight.

Looking forward to helping with the final setup of The Village. It feels good to be able to offer something back to a place I cherish so much.

We are back sometime around the 16th – 17th.

To everyone going this year…. SEE YOU THERE!!!! =)

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