Oktoberfest – The worlds greatest party?

I read on  Matt’s facebook that he was headed out to Oktoberfest in Munich and it reminded me of our journey there. Two years ago Dee, Karen, Steve and I went to Munich and Oktoberfest. What an amazing time!  We wore out our drinking arms lifting the 1 liter and stared in amazement the beer garden ladies holding 5 in each hand! We had some of the best food there, pulled wild boar on a bun, goose with dumplings and weisswurst. Plus the rollercoaster – 5 loops that happen so fast your stomach doesn’t have time to get rid of all the liquid you just drank. The Germans know how to eat, drink and party!

Luckily Dee told me today that Vancouver actually has it’s own Oktoberfest party. Tickets are $30 held at Deutsches Haus Restaurant.. which sounds like a legit German name. It’s held by the Vancouver Alpen Club and should be a good time. It may not have a parade like New York‘s Oktoberfest, but it sure is closer!

Make sure to check out our post Our dream Oktoberfest experience. It made it onto our top 10 list of most memorable experiences of 2009.



Are you doing anything for Oktoberfest this year?



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