Nomadic Matt’s Bangkok Recommendations: YAY or NAY?

Bangkok, Thailand

Sukhumvit Road, Soi 11, Bangkok

A fellow travel blogger, Nomadic Matt, sometimes calls Bangkok as home, even though he is from the US. So for our first time in the big city we thought we’d check out some of his posted recommendations he’s shared.

Bangkok, Thailand
Finding your room at Suk 11 makes your forget your in busy Bangkok!

SUK 11 Hostel – As suggested we booked ahead of time in this little hostel. We have learned from our experiences in Europe that we prefer hostel rooms to ourselves with a super bonus of private ensuite bathroom. We paid 900 baht for our room, which is a bit higher then we were expecting to pay in Thailand for a hostel. We could of found a place near Ko San Road for cheaper but decided to take Matt’s word instead and pay the higher price. In the end it ended up working great. The hostel is a real little gem, all made out of teak wood, with a great staff and a wonderful ambiance. Our room was tastefully decorated, with a big king size bed and a clean basic bathroom. Located near a BTS skytrain station which means quick access to the great movie theatres! Suk 11 made our first Thailand experience one to remember. The only things we did not like about it was: No free wifi, the bed could be softer, and the free breakfast is really only just toast and fruit. We often found ourselves down the street at the German beer house enjoying their 99 baht American breakfast as we like a breakfast that fills you enough to skip lunch. Plus we were never awake when it stopped being served at 10am.

Bangkok, Thailand
So much stuff you can barely tell where to order a drink!

Cheap Charlies – Located on the same little alleyway as Suk 11. Cheap Charlies is literally just a small bar front filled with tons of little knick knacks that can keep your mind entertained by just looking at them. Behind the bar you will find the busy Charlie with his amazing prices for a beer in Bangkok. Even better, he has Tiger Crystal on special! This is something that we have learned is hard to find! (Coming from Canada we like our light beers!) Seats are just in a roped off area on the alley, filled with backpackers, expats and other travelers just looking for a good cheap time. Feeling hungry? There is a Mexican restaurant across the way and they will deliver you food right to your table at Cheap Charlies. So, If you want to drink (and maybe a bite?) are looking to meet some new friends for a lower cost in Bangkok, this is the place to go.

soi 11 & 13 059.jpg

Moghul Room Indian Restaurant – Located just across from Cheap Charlies is this amazing Indian resturant. It’s a shame that is always empty as the food is to die for and the service is impeccable. Matt says he takes anyone here to show them a good meal and we would do the same if we had visitors in Bangkok. If you like Indian, make sure you come here and when you are done with your meal, order a shisha and enjoy some people watching at Cheap Charlies across the way.


Zen Cucina Sushi Resturant – Located inside Central World shopping mall. Sushi is a thing we miss. Vancouver B.C. is filled with great sushi resturants, to the point we sometimes think they are more popular then Starbucks. Back home we get amazing fresh sushi for dirt-cheap. So cheap it’s almost cheaper to go have sushi for lunch then to bring your own lunch! $5.95 CDN will usually get you 18 pcs of sushi with miso soup. Being on a budget before we left for our trip we ate lots of sushi, to the point its as comforting to us a turkey dinner! So, when we saw Matt suggested a sushi place in Bangkok we couldn’t resist to try it out. He stated it was decently priced which, I’ll give him that it’s decent compared to the rest of the places we have eaten sushi outside of Canada. During our travels we have learned that sushi is infact expensive! It’s become our “lets treat ourselves” meal. In Europe our bill for a sushi dinner would be at least 60 euros, something that would cost us 12 euros at home. So Zen Cucina sushi is decent priced compared to Europe but not at all compared to what we are used to paying in Vancouver. As for the sushi itself, it’s fabulous with some great items to choose from. If you like sushi, you will like it here.

In conclusion, Matts Bangkok recommendations that we took are bang on. Thank you Matt for showing us a great place to stay and some amazing places to eat and drink via blog suggestions! We look forward to trying out some of your other suggestions for Thailand and reporting back.

Bangkok, Thailand
Hmm… Where should we go next?

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