No Fun Conclusion… okay maybe there was a bit of fun…

Our 4 day “no fun” long weekend has come and gone… however soon enough we will be living a long weekend for an entire year.

As you saw from our last post we had a long list of things to do… we got some things done but not nearly as much as on that list. We also manage to swing in some fun… it’s really hard to avoid having some fun on a long weekend when the sun in shining in Vancouver.

So what did we accomplish?

  • Opened up a couple no free international bank accounts through Citizen’s Bank of Canada. (Out of recomendation from Go See Run Eat Drink )
  • I went to the salon for the first time in a year and got a much needed new do
  • Bought a used dishwasher off to help complete our condo renos
  • Printed some extra passport photos
  • Bought a car cover for K-Rad
  • Picked up some free boxes
  • Packed up most of the spare room and more of the office
  • Cleaned our condo up
  • Posted some Sim cards on ebay
  • Went shopping for travel gear. Scott found some new sandals. I found some shoes but they didn’t have my size. They are now on order
  • Scott got his second dose of the Hep B vaccine

And throughout all of that we managed to:

  • See Bassnectar at Richard on Richards
  • Get some take out Noodle Box and eat it on the beach while watching the sunset
  • Have dinner with my Dad and Grandma
  • Eat the best fish & chips in Vancouver along the sea wall (Go Fish)
  • Watch a couple movies and TV shows

Two thing we did that is not recommended:

  • Got sun burnt while shopping in Kitislano
  • Watched the Season 8 finale of Smallville. It was shit!

When I look at it this way I feel better about our results.

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