Never Ending Renos

ridingfalkorOne of our friends told us a few years ago:

“Once you begin renovations to your home, you are never done. It’s a never ending project….”

Tra la la la la la la la la la……

 This statement couldn’t be more true.

We did a large amount of reno’s to our place when we first moved into it 2.5 years ago but never fully completed it. There has always been this small amount of things we just keep putting off from completing and/or new things keep popping up!

Since we hope to rent our condo out while we are traveling the world we figured it would be in our best interest to stop putting these projects aside and complete them. The better and more complete our place looks the higher dollar amount we can get per month.    

Our list of renos include:

  • Fix any broken baseboards
  • Repaint all white (baseboards, trim, doors, window sills, and the fire place)
  • Touch up any paint where needed
  • Replace craptastic dishwasher
  • Fix tile in front of laundry closet and dishwasher

This past weekend instead of going out to play in the sunshine, we spent our time indoors and focused on fixing our baseboards and repainting all the white. It was hard at first to not just go enjoy some sunshine but we reminded ourselves that we have an entire year to explore the great outdoors ahead of us! 

To ensure we still have fun while working on our place and avoid spats, we sleep in and start late, take our time, enjoy ourselves, and take breaks. But, this resulted in us not fully completing the task and we are now living in a construction zone until we find some time to complete it!


Painting the trim 

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