Medical Insurance Abroad?

Hospital in Asia

Hospital in Asia

We’ve had the luxury my whole life not really worrying about medical insurance or if we get hurt in Canada. While we complain about our healthcare costs and wait times, if anything ever happens to me in Canada I know that our medical system will take care of it – at no cost to me. We pay a small monthly medical premium ($88 for a family) and have extended health through our workplaces.

Of course this is different in other countries around the world where we will be traveling and now we’re faced with a dilemma of what to do. Every travel blog advertises something, whether it’s World Nomads, CAA or some other option. Other blogs post not to worry about it – odds are your not going to get hurt and if you do, medical services are inexpensive to pay for. This combined with our provincial BC Medical that will pay for hospital visits… is it enough?

Now we’re stuck looking at our options, all of them are fairly expensive ($500 – $1000 for the year). It’s also unknown if it will actually cover us while we scuba dive, travel to places with warnings, do adventure activities.

Decisions, decisions.. and we have to make them quickly as we’re 30 days out! As we find insurance options we’ll make a post in the comments.

Have you travelled for a length of time? What are you / did you do about your medical coverage while abroad? Any input is appreciated!


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