Library Visit

We decided to hit up the library this weekend to get some travel books to read over the upcoming holidays.

We both haven’t been to a library since we were really young. I remember them feeling way bigger and quieter. Our most favorite part of our visit was that we didn’t have to pay a dime!!

We found the travel section and it was full of books about places all around the world. At first we were looking at all of them but then decided to research information one area at a time instead. Don’t want to get a information overload!

We are fairly confident that our trip will now be beginning in Europe and more-so in the Eastern Countries first. So we got a couple books about Europe and also some general travel tip books to start us off.

I’m looking forward to spending some time reading going through them. There is a plethora of travel information on the internet. Almost too much and we often find ourselves so lost when we research online… just don’t know where to start! We figure by reading travel books we can then look up what we find really interesting online and make notes that way.

If you have any suggestions on books to read let us know!

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