Lesson Learned

We learned some things this past weekend when we went for a walk to test out our back packs.

1) Make sure you return your library books on time! Our account was set up for some reason to not call or email us when our books were over-due. Thus creating some crazy late charges! Of course the lady at the till didn’t care we were not notified. So, we just wasted $30 on a bunch of books that we didn’t even read. They were too out-dated, too dry, or just plain stupid. We renewed 2 books as we were still reading and enjoying those ones and we now have some current 2008 books on request. Hopefully our account is now all set up correctly and we will be able to check our due dates!


2) We need to get in shape! We filled our bags up with about 30 pounds  and after about an hour we were starting to struggle. Good thing we have plans to go to the gym in February! Both of us having jobs that means sit in the office all day does not help with staying in shape.

3) Wear a stuffed travel backpack and people are friendly with you! They must of thought we were not from this country… I received more random friendly smiles from strangers walking around in my backpack then I ever have in our community. Then take out a camera and they actually start trying to interact with you!


None the less, the backpack test was successful. My bag feels good and the size isn’t over-powering me. My shoulders however did start to hurt near the end… I think I will adjust the shoulder height next time and see how that goes.

Scott is a bit unsure about his bag. He has a 10 day full refund which ends on Wednesday. So that means tonight we are going to go look at some other bags for him. Maybe even buy one tonight and test out both bags at the same time to find the winner and then return the loser.

And in case you are wondering how our weekend plan went…. here is the results:

Did you notice that “find marriage certificate” is crossed off the list? Yup!! That’s right! Scott found our marriage certificate and it didn’t require having to completely clean out our Command Room. He found it inside an envelope in our junk drawer of all “safe” places it should be!

Finally, our passport applications are now complete and we can send them in! WooHoo!

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